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  1. fishing reel

    • n.
      a device for winding and unwinding fishing line, designed to be attached to a fishing rod.
    • noun: fishing reel, plural noun: fishing reels

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    • 問這個單字reel in the fish

      reel做名詞有"(釣竿上的)繞線輪"的意思 這裡作動詞,"把線拉回來" reel in the fish收釣線把魚拖近 在有前後文的文章裡,就表示釣到魚了

    • 問英文片語和單字

      ...'s settle this matter once and for all. 讓我們一次把這個問題解決吧。 3. fishing reel----釣魚線的捲軸(我這裡是用單數) The fishing reel is ...

    • 看看我的翻譯!!能否翻順一點 (這是翻譯機番的 )

      ... lures, and he tried them all. The rod and reel were strung with a heavy line and thin steel cable for a leader. No matter the lure, fishing shallow of deep, jiggling or letting it hand still, it didn't matter...