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  1. fit

    • IPA[fɪt]



    • adj.
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:fitted 過去分詞:fitted 現在分詞:fitting

    • 比較級:fitter 最高級:fittest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 健康的 to keep (oneself) fit 保持健康 to look/feel fit 看上去/感覺身體很好
    • 2. 適合的 to be fit for the job 能勝任工作 a house/meal fit for a queen or king 富麗堂皇的房子/精緻可口的食物
    • 3. 幾乎要…的 shouting/singing fit to wake the dead 叫聲/歌聲大得幾乎能把死人吵醒 she looked fit to drop 她看起來快要累垮了


    • 1. 適合 these trousers don't fit me 這條褲子我穿不合身 to fit one like a glove 非常合身
    • 2. 找空間安置 how are we going to fit everyone into the hall? 禮堂怎麼容納下所有的人呢? to fit another plant on one's desk 在桌上再放一盆植物
    • 3. 安裝; 給…裝配件 to fit sth. into place 把某物安裝好 to fit a kitchen/garage with sth. 為廚房/為車庫配備某物
    • 4. 把…放入 to fit the key into the lock 把鑰匙插進鎖孔
    • 5. 讓…試 to fit sb. for a suit/dress 讓某人試穿西裝/裙子 to fit sb. with sth. 為某人調試
    • 6. 符合; 與…相稱 to fit a description/theory 符合描述/理論 that chair doesn't fit the room 那把椅子與房間不相配
    • 7. 使合格 your experience fits you for the job 你的經驗使你勝任這份工作 to be fitted for the role of prime minister 能擔任首相一職
    • 8. 使適應 we must fit our policies to the new circumstances 我們必須根據新情況調整我們的政策


    • 1. 合適 the jacket doesn't fit 這件夾克衫不合身 to fit like a glove 非常合身
    • 2. 被容納 will the toys all fit into the box? 那個盒子裝得下所有玩具嗎?
    • 3. 符合 his story doesn't fit 他的說法不相符 something doesn't fit here 這裡有些不協調


    • 1. 合適 to be a good fit 很合身 to prefer a looser fit 偏愛寬鬆的衣服


    1. a sudden attack of convulsions and/or loss of consciousness, typical of epilepsy and some other medical conditions

    2. a sudden short period of uncontrollable coughing, laughter, etc.

    3. a sudden burst of intense emotion