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  1. five

    • IPA[faɪv]



    • n.
    • adj.
      五的; 五個;5歲的
    • npl.
    • 釋義


    • 1. five plus two equals seven 5加2等於7 in December nineteen hundred and five 在1905年12月
    • 2. 表示五的符號
    • 3. 五個一組 the horses paraded in fives 這些馬每五匹一組列隊前進
    • 4. 5點鐘 at five (o'clock) 在5點
    • 5. 5點; 編號為5的東西 the five of diamonds 方塊5 the five of hearts 紅心5
    • 6. 5歲


    • 1. 五的; 五個 five cats 5隻貓 five books 5本書
    • 2. 5歲的 he's nearly five 他快5歲了 our house is only five years old 我們的房子才造了5年
    • 3. 第五的 number five 5號 page five 第5頁


    • 1. 牆手球
  2. 知識+

    • 為什麼叫take five

      Take five is to suggest to take a 5 minute break. A 5 minute break is commonly...have 5 fingers on a hand. When a person asks other to take a five, he/she would raise his/her hand to signal five.

    • five wailers mourning

      FIve "wailers" mourning at the tomb 我想這句話是"五子...

    • on March fifth , 2007  年月日表達法

      * on March fifth , 2007可以寫成   on March fifth in 2007嗎? 應該是... monday, the third monday, the fourth monday, the fifth monday or the last monday of january, 2007.