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  1. five-alarm

    • IPA[ˌfīvəˈlärm]


    • adj.
      (of a fire) very large or fierce.;(of food, such as chili peppers) extremely pungent or hot.
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      ...convenient. This watch features 5 individual alarms, so you can have five different alarms for five different reminders. Oh! it also have the hourly signal, which will...

    • 誰能幫我解答暑假作業?

      My alarm (1)clock rings every morning at(2) two o'clock. I get about (4) four o'clock. I arrive at work a little before nine to five. Office hours are from (5) five o'clock to (6...

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      ... small traces of smoke, it sounds an alarm. 2. [被動] The unit is cleaned by...unit. 3. [被動] After boiling the specimen for five minutes, the manual should be consulted. [主動...