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  1. fix

    • IPA[fɪks]


    • v.
      fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position;direct one's eyes, mind, or attention steadily or unwaveringly towards
    • n.
      a difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneself; a predicament;a dose of a narcotic drug to which one is addicted
    • noun: fix, plural noun: fixes

    • verb: fix, 3rd person present: fixes, gerund or present participle: fixing, past tense: fixed, past participle: fixed

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • v.
    • 1. fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position:

      they had candles fixed to their helmets

      her words have remained fixed in my memory

    • 2. direct one's eyes, mind, or attention steadily or unwaveringly towards:

      Ben nodded, his eyes fixed on the ground

    • 3. (of a person's eyes, attention, or mind) be directed steadily or unwaveringly towards:

      her gaze fixed on Jess

    • 4. look at someone unwaveringly:

      Cowley fixed him with a cold stare

    • 5. decide or settle on (a specific price, date, course of action, etc.):

      no date has yet been fixed for a hearing

    • 6. arrange (something) on a permanent basis:

      the rate of interest is fixed for the life of the loan

      the rent will be fixed at £300 a month

    • 7. establish the exact location of (something) by using radar or visual bearings or astronomical observation:

      having made landfall, he fixed his position

    • 8. settle the form of (a language).
    • 9. assign or determine (a person's liability or responsibility) for legal purposes:

      there are no facts which fix the defendant with liability

    • 10. mend or repair:

      you've forgotten to fix that shelf

    • 11. put (a bad or unwelcome situation) right:

      the international community should not rely on the UN to fix the world's problems

    • 12. do the necessary work to improve or adapt something:

      we were trying to fix up the house so that it became vaguely comfortable

    • 13. tidy or neaten (something, especially one's hair, clothes, or make-up):

      Laura was fixing her hair

    • 14. make arrangements for (something); organize:

      Harry's fixed up a meeting

      I've fixed for you to see him on Thursday

    • 15. arrange for someone to have something; provide someone with something:

      I'll fix you up with a room

    • 16. prepare or arrange for the provision of (food or drink):

      Ruth fixed herself a cold drink

    • 17. be intending or planning to do something:

      I'm fixing to call the state patrol

    • 18. make (a dye, photographic image, or drawing) permanent:

      he perfected a process of fixing a photographic likeness on a silver plate

    • 19. preserve or stabilize (a specimen) with a chemical substance prior to microscopy or other examination:

      specimens were fixed in buffered formalin

    • 20. (of a plant or microorganism) assimilate (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) by forming a non-gaseous compound:

      lupins fix gaseous nitrogen in their root nodules

    • 21. influence the outcome of (something, especially a race, match, or election) by illegal or underhand means:

      the club attempted to fix last Thursday's league match

    • 22. take revenge on or punish (someone):

      that little swine–I'll fix him next time

    • 23. take an injection of a narcotic drug.
    • 24. castrate or spay (an animal); neuter.
    • n.
    • 1. a difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneself; a predicament:

      how on earth did you get into such a fix?

    • 2. a dose of a narcotic drug to which one is addicted:

      he hadn't had his fix

    • 3. an experience of something from which one derives great pleasure or stimulation:

      get your coffee fix at home with this state-of-the-art espresso-maker

    • 4. a measure taken to resolve a problem or correct a mistake; a solution or remedy:

      making everything easier for the car driver would only be a short-term fix

      the company is working on a fix but suggests users consider technical workarounds in the meantime

    • 5. a position determined by visual or radio bearings or astronomical observations:

      the radio operator received the distress call and calculated the fix

    • 6. a dishonest or underhand arrangement:

      obviously, his appointment was a fix


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