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    • when的用法

      ...的sound asleep是一個過去的靜態,所以用了屬靜態動詞的be。 when he was fixing his dinner 裡的fix是一個動態動詞(action verb),寫成進行式was fixing...

    • than 的用法

      If it's remediable than it can be fixed or cured.-----此處than當連接詞用,其用法如and,but-----。例如:The dog is black and the cat is white.其中and 將前後子句連結,不参與文法分析

    • 關於get的用法

      ...如下: 1. Please get some ice cream for me. 〈拿取物品〉 2. I need to get my car fixed. 〈令。與使役動詞同等性格〉 3. You should get someone to help you. 〈吩咐〉 4. 連綴動詞用法如A...