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  1. fixed assets

    • IPA[ˈfikst ˈˌaˌsəts]


    • plural
      assets which are purchased for long-term use and are not likely to be converted quickly into cash, such as land, buildings, and equipment.
    • noun: fixed asset, plural noun: fixed assets

  2. 知識+

    • ~很急~會計專業翻譯~英文高手請近

      耐用年限屆滿仍繼續使用之固定資產 The fixed asset is continuously used even its durable life is expired...

    • 資產報酬率

      ...總資產週轉率(Total asset turnover)=銷貨額/總資產。 公式:固定資產週轉率(Fixed asset turnover)=銷貨額/淨固定資產 Rate of return on assets (ROA...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯此句英文一下嗎?

      ... considering a new there year expansion project that require an initial fixed asset investment of ZAR 2.7 million. 非洲的狩獵旅行組織,正考慮一個新的需要...