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  1. price fixing


    • ph.【經】
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    • ph.【經】
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    • 有關商品買賣的英文翻譯

      1. The fixed price is the retail prices sold to the factory...prices).... 2008-12-10 13:34:05 補充: 再訂正: 1. The fixed price is the retail price paid by the factory....

    • 「不二價」怎麼說??

      「不二價」fixed price 或one price 不二價商店 one price house 如果你是店員或老闆,你可以說 Our...don't give discounts. We can''t reduce the price. Sorry, the price is set.

    • 該時何用英文殺價

      ...percent discount of these? 都對 4. 這是公定價,沒辦法打折 It is a fixed price-fixed, I am afraid I can't give you a special discount...