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    • 幫我解題....拜託了

      ... 答案稍微修了一下: "Once a novelty among Taiwanese retailers, fixed prices are now the norm." "in Taiwan's retailing" 用法不是很正確, "among...

    • 拜託幫大大幫忙翻譯關於觀光英文贈20點!!!!急~~~

      ...處於中間狀態10.table d’hote :French term referring to a menu offering a complete meal at a fixed price (prix fixe). 公司餐或是桌菜(別與點菜,配好),指一菜單以固定價格提供完整膳食搭配. Table d...

    • 航空運輸英文翻譯 !!!

      ...say the recent Department of Justice investigations into price fixing and fuel surcharges could keep a lid─somewhat─on huge security surcharge down...