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  1. fixing

    • IPA[ˈfiksiNG]


    • n.
      the process of deciding or planning something;apparatus or equipment for a particular purpose
    • noun: fixing, plural noun: fixings

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. the process of deciding or planning something:

      the fixing of the date of the hearing

      the fixing of a fair and reasonable price

    • 2. apparatus or equipment for a particular purpose:

      picnic fixings

    • 3. the ingredients necessary to make a dish or meal:

      have all the fixings ready before starting

    • 4. the action of fastening something in place:

      the fixing of additional strengthening steelwork

    • 5. screws, bolts, or other items used to fix or assemble building material, furniture, or equipment.
    • 6. the action of mending or repairing something:

      the roof needs fixing

      problems in need of fixing

    • 7. the illegal or underhand influencing of the outcome of something such as a race, game, or election:

      police investigating the alleged fixing of horse races

      several laws restricted the fixing of retail prices