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    • 固定物,設備
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    • 急~The fixture for此段的中文意思是什麼

      The fixture for these components must be a manual type that loading and ...就是要用手來裝卸。We would like to propose customer to make pneumatic or hydraulic fixture for these workpiece, it should be much more efficient.我們想建議客戶為這些工作零件準備...

    • FIXTURE NOTE 英翻中

      LAYCAN:10-15/FEB,2006船舶受載期為2006年2月10-15日SBP Safe Berth Port安全的停泊港LOAD/DISCH RATE:CQD BENDS裝貨和卸貨率:CQD=Customary Quick Despatcii按港口...

    • Fixtures and fitting

      1.fixutres,pieces of furniture or equipment, which are fixed inside a house or other building and which stay there if you move. 你搬家,別間房子也還會有的東西! 如:浴缸、水槽、洗臉槽。 2. fitting,one of smaller parts on the outside of a piece...