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  1. flame up

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    • 英文單字請幫忙一下謝謝

      ...名詞) (片語)to burn; to kindle; to ignite; to glow with; to flare up/out; to fire; to flame out/up; to blaze 6. call(過去式 called ; 過去分詞 called ) ring(過去式...

    • <翻譯>微生物學實驗的題目

      ... be air-dried? Why can't they be gently heated over a flame to speed up the drying process? 為何抹片製作過程中必需以風乾的形式乾燥?為何不能...

    • 請問「有燒有保庇」的中文翻英文?

      .... 2010-04-13 10:13:10 補充: 喔,原來如此。那我建議: 有燒有保庇 ~ Flame goes up, protection comes down 【火焰上升,保佑降下】 「東港迎王平安祭典紀念...