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  1. flannels

    • IPA[ˈflænəlz]
    • npl.
  2. 知識+

    • 幫忙一下寫一下diffinition(20點) type of device (as a computer) to a form compatible with another (as a telephone) 4.flannel:a soft twilled wool or worsted fabric with a loose texture and a slightly...

    • 衣服布料材質英翻中

      ...雪紡綢,薄綢 corduroy---燈芯絨,(常複數)燈芯絨褲子 cotton---棉花 denim---丁尼布 flannel---法蘭絨;棉絨 fleece---羊毛 lace---鞋帶;帶子 lambswool---羔羊毛;羔毛線 leather---皮革...

    • 請幫我翻譯 衣服英文衣服材質20點喔

      ...合身型, 進口. 2,NORTH NOTCH 100% soft sueded cotton, supersoft plaid flannel lining, subtle distressing for rugged worn-in look, button down...