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  1. flap

    • IPA[flap]


    • v.
      (of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly;(of something attached at one point or loosely fastened) flutter or wave around
    • n.
      a piece of something thin, such as cloth, paper, or metal, hinged or attached only on one side, that covers an opening or hangs down from something;a hinged or sliding section of an aircraft wing used to control lift
    • noun: flap, plural noun: flaps

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    • 醫學術式Didridement+BiPediple flap

      Hi Didridement+BiPediple flap 是分開的2個醫學術語喔^.^ didridement = [醫]清創術, 擴創術(即清除傷口腐肉的...

    • flippity-flapping是什麼呢?

      flippity-flapping是什麼呢? 我在奇摩字典裡面都找不到這ㄍ英文字 有誰可以幫我說明一下...flippity-flapping 如果你把字分開 flip 有輕打 ; 輕彈 ; 跳動...等意思 flap 有鼓翼 ; 吹動 ; 飄動....等意思 而 flippity-flapping 除了當輕拍 ; 飄動...

    • What is a ”flap” in Phonetices

      ...種舌頭抵住上顎的發音方式,如[t], [l]等音:In phonetics and phonology, a flap consonant is a sound produced by brief contact between the tongue and the...