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  1. flap

    • IPA[flæp]



    • n.
      袋蓋; 封蓋; 帽邊; 口蓋; 門簾;摺板; 活板
    • vt.
      振動; 揮動;拍打
    • vi.
      振動; 振翅;飄動; 擺動
    • 過去式:flapped 過去分詞:flapped 現在分詞:flapping

    • 名詞複數:flaps

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 袋蓋; 封蓋; 帽邊; 口蓋; 門簾
    • 2. 摺板; 活板
    • 3. 拍打; 拍打聲
    • 4. 襟翼 to raise/lower the flaps 升起/降下襟翼
    • 5. 驚慌 to be in a flap 處於慌亂之中 to get into a flap 激動起來


    • 1. 振動; 揮動
    • 2. 拍打 to flap sth. at sb./sth. 用某物拍打某人/某物


    • 1. 振動; 振翅
    • 2. 飄動; 擺動
    • 3. 拍打 to flap at sth. 拍打某物
    • 4. 振翅飛行
    • 5. 驚慌 stop flapping! 不要驚慌!


    1. (of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly

    2. (of something loosely fastened) flutter or wave around

    3. be agitated or panicky

    4. a thin, flat piece of cloth, paper, metal, etc. that is hinged or attached on one side only and covers an opening or hangs down from something

    5. an act of flapping something, typically a wing or arm, up and down or from side to side

    6. a state of agitation; a panic