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    • 一段文字-中翻英 (超級急)15點

      ...problem. Look Here! We have New Creator " Flap Wings " to protect your cargoes in safty during the transportation. When...

    • flappy是什麼意思

      ...flapping 飛撲 拍打 (鳥)振(翅) Some doves were flapping their wings over the square. 有幾隻鴿子在廣場上空振翅飛翔。 2014-02-19 18:31:05 補充...

    • 請教英文 分詞主被動問題?

      ...風中飛舞,旗子自己在動;flap屬不及物動詞用法,沒有受詞) The bird flapped its wings.那隻鳥拍動它的翅膀。(flap屬及物動詞用法;受詞是wings) 4.「及物...