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    flee in horror

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    • 徵求英文翻譯厲害的人

      ..., I will go to fast food restaurants to find a job because in this busy environment, I can learn the importance of serving ...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯一篇簡易英文。急!!!20點!!!

      ...泰國恐怖片.And speaking of horror films, “Shutter” ...photographer, and while driving home in the middle of the night with his girlfriend... something about the situation, they flee the scene instead.(你會發現我在描述電影...

    • 關於外國人對我說的話 求翻譯

      OrvilleNiyo: 我現在不跟亞洲人說話!因為我有看到美國的新聞 OrvilleNiyo:我現在覺得亞洲人很邪惡 Me: 是嘛?! OrvilleNiyo: 好吧!!我告訴你一些事 Me: 爲什麼你現在覺得亞洲人很邪惡阿? OrvilleNiyo: 有間美國學校死ㄌ33個學生...