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    flee in terror

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    • 幫我看一下翻譯,不會很長.

      ...into the eye of the dead giant. At once the eye opened andthe people all fled away in terror. But it is from that eye that deathcomes; "for every time...

    • 徵英文高手幫我翻譯這篇文章(不要用段落翻譯系統的)

      ...year-old Anne and the family member for flees the Nazi reign of terror,Hides in a Dutch Amsterdam warehouse... never can think the home away from home in this house, But this did not...

    • 243 請幫我修辭及訂正錯誤

      ― 243 ― 但我們的責任才剛同樣沈重地扛起. 徘徊在責任和悲傷之間的磨難, 但我們一直都知道我們不能將它們混為一談, 我們不得不必須分開處理兩者各自的需求. 而這點我特別尤其希望我的孫子—皇上—能明白其中的細節. 詳細地去了解,這才是重點。 讉責英祖先王殿陛下, 或堅持思悼...