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  1. flesh fly


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    • 伊索寓言的故事

      ... A clam was basking in the sun when suddenly a snipe flew down to peck her flesh. The clam immediately closed up her shell, gripping the...

    • 徵短文 The joy of living (贈20)

      ...of living. Farewell to you, my chicks, soon you must fly aloneFlesh of my flesh, my future life, bone of my boneMay your wings...

    • 如何翻譯英/日文介紹義式麵條的材料及作法

      ... oliver oil to hot a pan 1. start to fly Italy noodle 2. flying sureceage / add to oliver seeds 3. add to 1/4Can of flesh cream source 4. add step 1 source has made 5. finally, add ...