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    • 麻煩翻英文(有點急~~~)

      Flesh equilibrium water A medicinal preparation This is a bottle has the moisturizer, restraining, the recuperation, balanced, the purification, the platoon to lead, the sterilization, against sensitive, the light red or pink as well as waits in vain supply ten big compound effect recuperation fluids. The quality of material is...

    • 超急!~請幫我看看下段英文文章哪裡文法有錯誤

      ...人生故事的劇情片 The direction loves the family to use " throughout; Flesh color inked ribbon beautiful purple deep blue " The argument tastes...

    • 請幫我將內容翻譯成英文<贈15點>

      A pink thundercloud is a limited - version that matches the color. 2007-02-28 13:10:51 補充: Flesh color 雷雲 matches colors - limits the quantity the version