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    flick off

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    • 英文翻譯!!(性愛101招)

      ...39;s a reason this booty style is a staple of every porno flick and X-rated photo spread.9. 嘗試 "站立反對...10.I went out with this chick who capped off an oral-sex session by licking the area between my...

    • 急 ! 洗手台標語中翻英 !

      ...彈指神功彈入盆, 勿讓水滴落地痕 Wash hands attentively, and shake off the excess inside basin. Keep water from dropping, and keep dry our floor. Flick the water into sink, let no drops fall upon ground.

    • 電影財經新聞翻譯有一些問題~~20點!!(續)

      opus是文學或藝術的大作,latest opus是指最新鉅作,應該就是指蜘蛛人第三集。 另外web-spinner不是網頁編輯器,此處應指「織蛛網者」,也就是蜘蛛人三的出品電影公司。因此web-spinner's latest opus可譯為「Sony的這部最新鉅片」。