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    • 請問看史密斯任務的英文感想^^

      ...director's sure eye and expert pacing and you've got a great summer popcorn flick on your hands. And if at any point during viewing of this...

    • 請問彈耳朵的英文要怎麼說?

      ...flicked him with his hand 用他的手輕輕拍他 2 啪一聲開 (關) flicked the light switch on 輕輕開燈 3 輕彈; 輕拂 Hence 彈耳朵 ear-flicking

    • 求英譯中求英譯中

      我試試看吧. the word had taken on an imposing tone for Amy 這個字發出了...來說, 這個字令她感到相當震撼. his eyes flicked toward the ceiling 他的眼睛往...