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  1. flight of fancy

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      懸想, 異想天開
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    • 1. 懸想, 異想天開 Her latest flight of fancy is to go camping in the Sahara desert! 她最近心血來潮想到撒哈拉沙漠去野營!
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    • 是我胡思亂想怎麼翻英文(急)

      胡思亂想 > Indulging in flights of fancy 如果以後還想要找的話請上 就可以了 不過 要記得調

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      ...influence can make Capricorn's a cold and calculating and uninterested in flights of fancy. Their energy is more ruthlessly realistic. However this hardness...

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      Is in the illusion and the reality female student, the brain always likes indulging in flights of fancy, actually displays calmly regards the thing. Contradictory person