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  1. fling

    • IPA[flɪŋ]


    • v.
      throw or hurl forcefully;move or push (something) suddenly or violently
    • n.
      a short period of enjoyment or wild behaviour;a short, spontaneous sexual relationship
    • noun: fling, plural noun: flings

    • 釋義


    • 1. throw or hurl forcefully he picked up the debris and flung it away she flung herself down on his bed
    • move or push (something) suddenly or violently he flung back the bedclothes Jennifer flung open a door
    • start or engage in (an activity or enterprise) with great energy and enthusiasm he flung himself into his athletics
    • go quickly and angrily Lisa had flung out of the house without so much as a glance at him


  2. 知識+

    • 英文throw fling pitch seize有差嗎

      throwß主要為丟擲之意,沒有抓的意思fling<- to throw or push (something) in a sudden and...這字才有抓的意思She threw/flung/pitched her hat into the air.(她把帽子...

    • out far-flung domains...??

      ... perhaps amassed small forces and carved out far-flung domains, but it was Vlad’s usurpation of Sylvania...

    • put forward 及 fling 的翻譯

      putting our best foot forward. = to try as hard as you can fling = a short period of enjoyment