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  1. floating point


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    • 拜託大家翻譯成英文!!! about Apple Mac

      ...use CPU is MOTOROLA, the merit is formidable in the floating point calculation, after also is the integer the decimal point operation function, therefore in...

    • 可以幫我翻一下這句嗎?(專業英文)20點

      ... simplest way to convert a floating-point value to an integer is to use a typecast...這一個運算符號---- 這三句都是有關數學的 floating point value:浮點價值 integer:整數 typecast:強制轉換...

    • 計算機概論題目須解答盡快

      ... value cannot be stored accurately using a floating-point format in which the most signficant bit is the sign bit, next three bits represnt...