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  1. flood

    • IPA[flʌd]



    • n.
      洪水; 正起勁;大量
    • vt.
      淹沒; 使…灌滿水;使…氾濫
    • vi.
      被水淹;氾濫; 漫水
    • 過去式:flooded 過去分詞:flooded 現在分詞:flooding

    • 名詞複數:floods

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 洪水; 正起勁 are you insured against flood? 你投保水災險了嗎? to be in (full) flood 氾濫
    • 2. 大量 flood of sth. 大量的某物 floods of visitors poured into the exhibition 大批參觀者湧入展覽會
    • 3. 漲潮 to be at the flood 漲到最高點


    • 1. 淹沒; 使…灌滿水 the basement was flooded when a pipe burst 一根水管破裂,地下室被淹了
    • 2. 使…氾濫
    • 3. 大量湧向; 充滿 bills flooded her letter box 她的信箱塞滿了賬單 the switchboard was flooded with complaints 總機接到了大量的投訴電話
    • 4. 使…充斥 to flood European markets with cheap imitations 使歐洲市場充斥著廉價的仿製品
    • 5. 使…溢流 to flood the engine with too much petrol 因加入太多汽油而使發動機溢油
    • 6. 充溢 childhood memories flooded his mind 童年的回憶湧上他的心頭 to be flooded with sth. 充滿某物


    • 1. 被水淹
    • 2. 氾濫; 漫水
    • 3. 湧出; 湧現 the news brought people flooding into the streets 這個消息使人們湧上街頭 sunlight flooded into the room 陽光灑滿房間


    1. an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land

    2. an outpouring of tears

    3. an overwhelming quantity of things or people happening or appearing at the same time

    4. cover or submerge (an area) with water in a flood

    5. (of a river) become swollen and overflow (its banks)

    6. arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities

    7. overwhelm with large amounts or quantities


    「1. an overwhelming quantity of things or people happening or appearing at the same time」的反義字

    「2. arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities」的反義字

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    • 請問英文單字flooding和submergence的差別

      flooding 來自 flood,指「淹水」。 是講洪水、水災等天然災害。 submergence 來自 submerge... than 20 towns have been submerged under massive flooding. 在大水災中,二十餘個城鎮已經被淹沒。 The basin flooding ...

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      floodflooding 在名詞上兩者意思皆同 可另外flooding在醫學單字上有血崩的意思 其實你不需要太鑽牛角尖 很多英文單字背多了很不一定有用 因為有可能是古英文或不常用的單字 所以你只要用別人日常生活中常用的就可以了

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      1. flooded /fladid/(福啦第得) 2. a pool 或 the pool 看有沒有指定 發音: 撲喔 鬧~