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    • 英文make的用法

      「使役動詞」後面的「受詞補語」會有兩種狀況: 1. to have somebody do something 2. to have something done by somebody 你的句子裡的room是something 所以用了「過去分詞」,表示房間被光線充滿 用原形時,表示是讓受詞去做了那件事,不符合本句的句意。 請體驗一下兩者的不同: I have...

    • Can anyone help??<20>

      ... that it's hot in those venues, which are usually flooded with lights for video and television.) Fans do wait outside shows, especially in ...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯英文歌詞 - (20點)

      ...是否都已結束了 如果是 那我不會再去打擾你 Flooded with all this pain knowing that I'...了 讓她走吧    Trying to keep the lights are going out我試著不去注意閃電...