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  1. floor cloth

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    • 請問英文單字busuuti的詳細解釋

      ...costume for women in Uganda. The Gomesi is a floor length, brightly colored cloth dress with a square neckline and short, puffed sleeves. The dress...

    • 有請英文聽力高手~ 15點

      ... the end of each day just hang your dirty cloths back to the Cloth Wash or toss in anywhere in the closet floor and in just 30 minutes, everything is clean, dry and neatly ironed...

    • 這些日常生活英文該怎麼說呢?

      1. I'd like to sit next to him. 2. Please take cloths to clean desks and floors. 3. Please pay attention to eat. 4. Please let your ...