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  1. flow

    • IPA[fləʊ]



    • vi.
      流動; 流逝; 飄盪; 源於某物;循環; 流通
    • n.
      流動; 流速;循環; 流通; 流動
    • 過去式:flowed 過去分詞:flowed 現在分詞:flowing

    • 名詞複數:flows

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • vi.
    • 1. 流動; 流逝; 飄盪; 源於某物

      blood will flow 會有人流血的

      most rivers flow into the sea 大多數河流匯入大海

    • 2. 循環; 流通

      ventilation channels keep the air flowing 通風管道保持空氣流通

      Spanish blood flowed through her veins 她血管裡流著西班牙人的血

    • 3. 湧至; 湧流

      to flow in/out 湧入/湧出

      skilled workers are now flowing abroad 熟練工人正大量湧向國外

    • 4. 流暢

      the writing does not flow 文章不順暢

      the sentences flowed from his pen 他下筆千言

    • 5. 漲

      to ebb and flow 潮漲潮落

      the tide of public opinion is beginning to flow in our favour 公眾的意見開始向我們傾斜

    • 6. 大量供應

      to flow with sth. 有大量某物

      a land flowing with milk and honey 豐饒之地

    • 7. 飄垂
    • 8. 變形
    • n.
    • 1. 流動; 流速

      to measure the (rate of) flow 測量流速

      increased flows of water reached downstream areas 上漲的水流到達了下游地帶

    • 2. 循環; 流通; 流動

      to impede traffic flow 阻礙車流

      to increase the flow of adrenalin 提高腎上腺素水平

    • 3. 湧流

      the flow of sth. 源源不斷的某物

      the flow of refugees to the West 湧往西部的難民潮

    • 4. 流暢

      in full flow 流暢地

      the elegant flow of his prose 他散文的優美流暢

    • 5. 漲潮

      the tide is on the flow 正在漲潮

    • 6. 變形


    1. (of a liquid, gas, or electricity) move steadily and continuously in a current or stream

    2. proceed or be produced continuously and effortlessly

  2. 知識+

    • flow與fluid的差別

      flow可以用在液體跟非液體上, 他是動詞 例: the ballon is flowing in the sky 再例: the river flows into the sea fluid"只"可以用...

    • flow up事什麼意思?

      flow up 上漲 flow有河水或海水的上湧或流動的意思存在

    • unrequired flow 的意思

      unrequired 可解釋為"不需要的", 用在通風相關領域時 flow 可譯為"氣流" unrequired flow from the activity zone 口語一點的譯法是...