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    • 中英翻譯....取大意翻譯即可

      ... of all not sloping,get about some back and forth, similarly, the health presents department's...obviously, but pour down, water slopes nearby and flows out, there is not half a drop to quench into the cup...

    • 尋找英文高手.幫我檢查一下

      ... crag in front of you but also a wide variety of rare animals run back and forth around you. With the pure river from the bottom flowing through the whole mountainside of Hualien, there grows jade-green ...

    • 英翻中(原文要翻成中文)

      其次,不僅是文化意義的實踐,它也是一項新設置(相對於老設置),這要花一些時間去適應;但是,文化是連續的,在它的兩個端點的人必然更清楚地了解(其間的矛盾和差異)。 交通流量是雜亂的,但是,文化是反覆的,在它的兩個端點的人很可能會發現新的做事方法、新的事可做(這些...