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  1. flutes

    • flute的名詞複數
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    • 煩請達人指導英文" FLUTE"

      The “Flute” describes the structure of the wave shaped cardboard material that ...flute (the largest) to F-flute and below (microflutes).A-flute = 36 flutes/linear foot B-flute = 49 flutes/linear foot C...

    • pipe 與 flute 有何差別?兩者都是一樣的意思嗎?

      長笛(英語:flute,德語:Querflöte,法語:La flûte...圖片參考: 而pipe是泛指管狀樂器沒錯 , 但是大部分我們用英語表達...

    • 法文翻譯.schocker gary

      I played flute for 2 years, Je joue de la flute depuis deux ans, and... Pahud and Gary Schocker are both the famous flute players in the world, Emmanuel Pahud et Gary ...