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  1. flutter

    • IPA[ˈflʌtə(r)]



    • vi.
      拍動; 顫動; 晃動; 飄動;振翅而飛
    • vt.
      拍打;搖動; 揮動
    • n.
      拍動; 拍翅; 飄動; 眨動;怦怦亂跳; 不規則跳動
    • 過去式:fluttered 過去分詞:fluttered 現在分詞:fluttering

    • 名詞複數:flutters

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 拍動; 顫動; 晃動; 飄動 flags fluttered in the breeze 旗幟在微風中飄揚 to flutter down 飄落
    • 2. 振翅而飛 to flutter about or around 拍著翅膀飛來飛去 to flutter away 拍著翅膀飛走
    • 3. 怦怦亂跳; 不規則地跳動 to flutter with sth. 因某事而怦怦亂跳 her heart fluttered with excitement when he entered the room 當他進屋時,她激動得心怦怦亂跳


    • 1. 拍打
    • 2. 搖動; 揮動 to flutter one's eyelashes 顫動著睫毛 to flutter sth. at sb./sth. 向某人/某物揮舞某物


    • 1. 拍動; 拍翅; 飄動; 眨動 with a flutter of his handkerchief, he waved goodbye 他揮舞手帕告別 with one flutter of her eyelashes, she captured his heart 她睫毛一眨就擄獲了他的心
    • 2. 怦怦亂跳; 不規則跳動 the flutter of his heart suggested that she was the girl for him 他怦怦的心跳表明她就是他心儀的女孩 heart flutter 心悸
    • 3. 不安; 困惑; 激動 to cause a flutter 引起慌亂 a flutter of sth. 一陣某種情緒
    • 4. 騷動 to cause (quite) a flutter 引起(很大的)騷動 to cause a flutter of activity 引起一陣忙亂
    • 5. 小賭; 小投資 to have a flutter on sth. 在某物上少量下注
    • 6. 放音失真
    • 7. 顫振