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  1. flutter to

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      拍動翅膀飛(向某方向); 飄搖
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    • 1. 拍動翅膀飛(向某方向); 飄搖 The wounded bird fluttered to the ground. 那受傷的鳥拍著翅膀落到地上。 autumn leaves fluttering to the ground 飄搖落地的秋葉
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    • 寫英文答案~並解釋原因

      ...flutter ---(n) (機器等) 震動; 顫振 d)flatter ---(v) 諂媚; 奉承 Ans: flutter : to move lightly and quickly; to make sth move in this way 關於更多flutter 的釋義參閱: http...

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      ...together the friend spacious place collective todischarge, in the mountain city cold night slowly flutters to horizon praying, lets traditional the festival celebrate has the estheticsense...

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      ... to eat the breakfast, while eats the breakfast, some one 陣霧 just flutters, gentle to surrounded us, nearby us ate the lunch, appreciated...