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  1. fly a kite

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    • 1. 試探輿論 Don't take her suggestions too seriously; she is just flying her kite. 別過分認真地對待她的建議, 她不過是在試探一下反應而已。
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    • fly a kite以及jump rope的問題

      ...您好^ - ^ 請容本Panda來幫妳解惑ㄅ; 如下: Q1: He is flying a kite. A lot of people are flying a kite. 都用a kite嗎? 很多人也...

    • 英文頻率副詞文法

      _______ she flies a kite on Sunday. A)Sometimes B...感覺用Sometimes較符合句意。 Sometimes she flies a kite on Sunday. Usually she flies a kite...

    • 請問這兩個英文問句有沒有問題?

      ...下的說法) A: Hey! Let's go fly a kite. B: Sure. We'll find some time...time to get together and go for a drink or something? or A: When are you going to have time...