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  1. fly high

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      【口】有雄心壯志, 胸懷大志;情緒高昂
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    • 1. 【口】有雄心壯志, 胸懷大志 He flew high though he was of humble origin. 他雖出生低微, 卻胸懷大志。
    • 2. 情緒高昂 He was flying high after his team won the game. 他在自己的球隊獲勝後歡欣鼓舞。
    • 3. 繁榮昌盛; 獲得地位
    • ph.
      向...猛烈射擊, 猛擲某物 He aimed carefully and then let fly. 他仔細瞄準之後便開了槍。
    • ph.
      把...打翻在地; 四處亂拋 The blow sent him flying. 這一擊把他打倒了。 His father punched him and sent him flying. 他父親狠揍他, 把他打倒在地。
    • ph.
      撲向; 猛烈攻擊 The fierce dog flew at the postman. 這隻兇惡的狗向郵遞員猛撲過去。 She flew at him with bitter reproaches. 她把他痛斥一頓。
    • ph.
      銷聲匿跡 It is reported that those robbers are now flying low somewhere in Shanghai. 據報導, 那些強盜眼下在上海某處藏匿著。
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      【諺】光陰似箭 Oh dear -- hasn't time flown! 天哪--時間如白駒過隙呀!
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