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  1. fly on the wall

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    • 1. 隱蔽的或不引人注意的觀察者 I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they discuss my future. 在他們討論我的前途時, 我恨不得能偷偷旁觀。
    • adj.
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    • 介係詞片語修飾人或事物有何規則

      ...介係詞片語可以當作副詞以及形容詞來使用:I see a fly on the wall. <- 這裡的on the wall 是地方副詞。The...片語有時候當形容詞用,有時候當副詞片語。比如說,in the morning, 就是一個時間副詞片語。

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      ... able to fly in the sky.牆上有一隻大麻蠅(蒼蠅)There is a fly on the性感 或 熱她很性感.She is hot.這坏咖啡很熱This...

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      ...for a long time. 2008-05-27 19:27:23 補充: 5. Eagles fly high in the sky. 6. People makes cards on Christmas. 7. I hit the wall. 8. Dad drives to work. 9. I like to swim...