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  1. focal plane

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    • 這段要怎麼翻成中文比較好啊?

      ...for signal processing are generating advanced infrared focal plane arrays. This would significantly reduce the cost and accelerate the implementation...

    • 視覺傳播專有名詞解釋(6)

      91.高的強度卸燈 92.鎢鹵燈 93.熒光燈 94.鎢絲燈 95.閃爍持續 96.燈平衡過濾器 97.顏色補償過濾器 98.電子閃光 99.同步 100.焦面百葉窗

    • 英文 文章翻譯 中英對照

      ...the typical composition of spaces, patterns, planes and volumes (Litton 1972; Wassink..., water bodies may serve as focal points. Enclosed spaces in ...