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  1. fold

    • IPA[fəʊld]



    • n.
      褶; 褶皺;山丘; 山窪
    • vt.
      摺疊;用…包; 包
    • vi.
    • 過去式:folded 過去分詞:folded 現在分詞:folding

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 褶; 褶皺 the long skirt hung in soft, loose folds 長裙裙褶柔軟而寬鬆 she ironed the fabric to get the folds out 她把布料上的褶子熨平
    • 2. 山丘; 山窪
    • 3. 褶皺


    • 1. 摺疊 she folded the letter and put it in an envelope 她將信摺好,放進信封裡 a pile of folded sheets 一摞摺疊好的被單
    • 2. 用…包; 包 to fold sth. round or around or over sth. 用某物包住某物 to fold sth. in sth. 把某物包在某物裡
    • 3. to fold sth./sb. in one's arms 抱住某物/某人 to fold sb. to one's heart 把某人抱到懷裡
    • 4. 交叉; 收攏 he folded his arms across his chest 他雙臂交叉於胸前
    • 5. 盤起
    • 6. 拌入 to fold sth. into sth. 將某物拌入某物 to fold the flour into the mixture 把麵粉拌入混合料


    • 1. 可摺疊
    • 2. 彎曲 her hand folded over the letter before I could remove it 我還沒來得及把信拿走,她就抓在手裡了
    • 3. 倒閉; 停辦; 失敗; 停演


    1. a pen or enclosure in a field where livestock, especially sheep, can be kept

    2. a group or community, especially when perceived as having shared aims and values