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  1. fold one's arms

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    • 用這些單字邊一篇文章 ( 急 ~~~)

      ... mother folds baby . in her arms with a leaf of circling blanket. It...盡可能很平和和良善保護她的寶寶 . 去診所看牙醫。 fold a baby in one's arms [把嬰兒抱在懷裡...

    • body language

      wave one's hands 揮手 clap one's hands 拍手 shrung one's...s butt 搖屁股 stomp one's feet 跺腳 stand with one's arms akimbo 雙手叉腰站立 fold one's arms 雙臂交叉

    • 想問幾個英文片語+句子+題目

      ...方法. 問二個題目 1.Jack stared at me with his arms ______ in front of her chest. 答案是 folded 我想問答案為什麼不是用 folding ?? folding-他正在折他的手臂...