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  1. folktale

    • KK[ˋfok͵tel]
    • DJ[ˋfəukteil]


    • n.
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    • 民間故事


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    • 請幫我把兩句改成不同方式寫^^!!

      many folktales from different cultures share common themes and . .lessons,such... for their kindness and generosity . 改成不同方式 1 Many folktales from different cultures . such as . poor people under the observation of powerful...

    • 請問關於Tale&mythology差別??

      ...body of myths 「myths 的集合」。另外,tales 又可分為 folktales 和 fairy tales。 簡單說,myth 帶有宗教上和信仰上的解釋,例如世界...

    • 幫我看看我有沒有文法錯誤 感恩~

      ... Sam. Today I want to tell you a folktale which is from China. Nobody ...tradition was kept till now. I like this folktale because this it is my the first story in...