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    • 英文- 關於計量問題

      Before being simplified, the instructions for computing income tax in Country R were to add 2 percent of ones annual income to the average (arithmetic mean) of 100 units of Country...

    • 請幫忙分析例句的文法,我看起來像是副詞子句的省略,但怪怪的

      你說對了,題目錯了,沒有 He...., though MAKES的用法,要不就是Ving,要不就是Vpp 也不會是你說的To V BTW,什麼是Ven? 2006-07-16 11:12:09 補充: (in order) to V 和 in order that 子句,中文翻譯都一樣: 為了....可是你仔細看一下, in...

    • I am confused about cd-826 when you bought it (it is right in the box with the dictionary). Just check the guide book and follow the instruction and I believe you will know how to do. Otherwise call their customer service department, and ask...