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  1. follow through

    • ph.
      continue an action or task to its conclusion;(in golf, baseball, and other sports) continue one's movement after the ball has been struck or thrown
  2. 知識+

    • words are meaningless without intent and follow through 的意思?

      直譯: 單說話而沒有意圖和實踐執行到底是沒有意義的。 意譯: 隨便說說而沒想過要做得到的話是沒意義的。

    • 幫我啦~~

      在網球的教練裡面... feeder coach: 傳球教練 >> feed balls: 傳球 contact coach: 聯絡教練 >> contact: 聯繫 follow-through coach: 隨球教練 >> follow-up: 隨球動作

    • 有關防身術的英翻中(翻譯機不要來亂)

      As you follow through, force your opponent's head back and extend your fingers to...and repeat this action as many times as necessary.這句話應有前言,因為as you follow through,是在講"當你繼續前述的動作時"raking action:你的手劃過對方...