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    • ”Lewis and Clark Expedition”問題

      ... route did Lewis and Clark follow? They traveled up the Missouri River to its source in the western mountains and beyond to the...

    • Please help me to translate it

      王是一個中國常見的姓氏之一. 王姓的來源很複雜,由來有以下七個 1.出自姬姓,為周文王第十五個兒子畢公高之後(不是華公高) 2.出自媯姓,相傳為古帝虞舜之後 (參照陳姓由來) 3.出自子姓,為商朝王 子比干之後 4.歷史上的外族姓氏,比如高麗的王氏.(現稱韓國,朝鮮) 5.王者之子孫...

    • 有關一些基本的程式概念

      ...another language (referred to as the target language). 轉譯... which of the following satements are...assembler translates source-language programs into... translation before it can be run on a computer...