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  1. food packaging standard

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    • what's arganic food

      ... to certain production standards, meaning they are...without ionizing radiation or food additives. Several...produce less waste, e.g., waste such as packaging materials for chemicals...

    • 拜託高手幫我翻成英文~謝謝

      ...rigorous drugs manufacture to be standard and the practical spirit, provides, cosmetics and health foods request generation of labor service, the trademark application, the package material selects and ...

    • 翻譯 保證書內容 翻譯高手麻煩了

      ... for quality health food members, 所配合協力包裝廠...標準品質系統驗證。 The packaging plant to go through with the ...22000, HACCP and GMP standards in line with national quality system certification...