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  1. fool about

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    • 1. 虛度光陰 He just fools about all day long. 他整天閒蕩。
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    • fool和foolish的不同

      ...鬼混、玩弄(口語) 例句:He always likes to fool around. 他總愛鬼混。 foolish 形容詞:可笑的、傻的(+ to...裙子看起來真可笑。    He is foolish to dream about flying. 他夢想要飛上天真是傻。 希望我的翻譯...

    • fool's gold有著什麼其他的意思呢?

      ...地也不值錢 希望有解除您的疑惑 2007-05-08 22:54:32 補充: Proverbs about Fool's Gold : 1. A broken tooth would prove the rock to be fool...

    • About ' Hustle ' steal their stuff. In general, stealing their stuff by fooling them E.g. Obama is pulling a hustle on ...