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  1. fooled

    • fool的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • n.[C]
      蠢人,傻瓜;白痴 Do you take me for a fool? 你是不是把我當傻瓜?
    • vt.
      愚弄;欺騙[O] Tom fooled a lot of people into believing him. 湯姆騙得很多人相信他。 She fooled the old man out of all his money. 她騙走了老人所有的錢。
    • vi.
      開玩笑;演滑稽角色 Don't be angry. We are just fooling. 別生氣,我們只是鬧著玩的。
    • n.
    • fool的名詞複數
    • n.
      蠢人 to be an utter or absolute fool 是個十足的傻瓜 don't be such a fool, you'll get soaking wet 別傻了,你會全身濕透的
    • adj.
    • vi.
      做蠢事 stop fooling and tell me the truth 別胡鬧了,告訴我實話 no fooling! 不是開玩笑!
    • vt.
      欺騙 to fool sb. out of sth. 騙取某人某物 to fool sb. out of doing sth. 騙某人不做某事
    • 愚人,受騙者,奶油拌水果愚弄,欺騙,浪費幹傻事,開玩笑


    • ph.
      戲弄 He was fooling with the girl's love. 他在玩弄那姑娘的感情。
    • ph.
      游手好閒, 鬼混 Stop fooling around. We have serious work to do. 不要浪費時間了, 我們還有正經事要做呢。 Children should not fool around with matches. 小孩不可以玩火柴。
    • ph.
      浪費 You are fooling away your money. 你這是在浪費錢。
    • ph.
      虛度光陰 He just fools about all day long. 他整天閒蕩。
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