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  1. footing

    • IPA[ˈfo͝odiNG]


    • n.
      a secure grip with one's feet;the basis on which something is established or operates
    • noun: footing, plural noun: one's footings

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    • foot和feet的差別-10點

      feet是foot的複數形。 He wiped... stamped their feet to keep warm. Mary slid her... was an error message at the foot of the page.本頁的底部以前有一個錯誤...

    • My foot is asleep

      My foot is asleep的意思是﹁我的腳麻了﹂或﹁我的腳失去...時間不調整姿勢,隨著血液不流通與壓迫神經傳導,自己的腳就會麻痺。My foot is asleep不能直譯為我的腳睡著了,而是翻成較口語化的我的腳麻了或...

    • six foot tall 與 six feet tall

      ...: In Standard English, foot and feet have their own rules when...mile in place of Standard English three feet and five miles in certain contexts. ...