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  1. 摩頂放踵

    • pinying[mo2 ding3 fang4 zhong3]
    • to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others;to wear oneself out for the general good
  2. 知識+

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      ... to distribute the benefits according to ...前頭的 A reward practice of allowing employees...up time-off credits for such behaviors as good performance or attendance. 有...

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      ..., 否則子句不完整) (a good mark,應是得到一個就很高興...and offers) (an) amount of money (for) shopping, (and) the (fund 較合適,因不只買東西 with monthly salary, (just,the benefit 已是結果,不必再用result 這...

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