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    • KK[fɔr]
    • DJ[fɔ:]


    • prep.
    • conj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 為,為了 They fought for national independence. 他們為民族獨立而戰。 This letter is for you. 這是你的信。
    • 2. 代替;代表 We used boxes for chairs. 我們用箱子當椅子坐。
    • 3. 因為,由於 I am sorry for what I said to you. 我後悔不該對你講那些話。
    • 4. 在(指定時間) The meeting is arranged for 9 o'clock. 會議安排在九點鐘。
    • 5. (表示時間,距離等)達,計 You can see for miles from the roof. 你站在屋頂上可以看到數英里之外。
    • 6. 對於,關於;在……方面 I am too old for the job. 我年紀太大,做不了這工作。
    • 7. 為得到,為贏得 He sent the waiter for a packet of cigarettes. 他讓侍者去拿一盒香菸。
    • 8. 以……為代價;以……交換 He sold his car for 500 dollars. 他以五百元把車賣了。
    • 9. 當作,作為 Do you take me for a millionaire? 你是不是把我當百萬富翁?
    • 10. 贊成;支持;傾向於 Are you for the government or against it? 你是支持還是反對政府?
    • 11. 朝……方向去;往,向 He left for Taipei. 他出發去臺北。
    • 12. 就……而言 She is sophisticated for her age. 就年齡而言她是世故了一點。


    • 1. 因為,由於 We must start early, for it will take two hours to drive to the airport. 我們得早點動身,因為開車去機場得花兩個小時。
    • abbr.
      = foreign(er)
    • pref.
    • ph.
      去拿, 去買, 去請 Go for a policeman. 去叫警察。 She's gone for some milk. 她取牛奶去了。
    • ph.
      喜歡 Would you care for a drink? 你想來點喝的嗎? I don't care for motion pictures. 我不愛好電影。
    • ph.
      說明, 作某事物的解釋, 解釋某事物的原因 He could not account for his foolish mistake. 他無法解釋他所犯的荒謬的錯誤。
    • ph.
      向...走去 It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter. 天開始下雨了﹐於是她快步朝最近的避雨處走去。 When the interval came everyone made for the bar. 幕間休息時, 大家都湧向酒吧。
    • ph.
      適合 This dress will do for her. 這件連衣裙她穿正合適。
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    • IPA[fɔː(r)]



    • prep.
      給; 為; 為得到; 供 these flowers are for you 這些花是給你的 medicine for a cold 感冒藥
    • conj.
      因為 she locked the door, for she was afraid of burglars 她鎖上了門,因為她擔心有竊賊
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