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    • Lark in the clean air歌詞

      ... my soul soars enchanted As i hear the sweet lark sing In the clear air of the day For a tender beaming smile To my hope has been ...

    • 英翻中、中翻英,要正確的!3Q!贈10點

      ...微笑』影片原名Mona Lisa smile ,由茱利亞羅勃茲主演 還有,On a lark 是原義為"開玩笑"的俚語,但在此翻作"真好笑"比較好.

    • 求英文故事!

      ...left the nest, she searched the longest leaf for a thorn tree, never resting until she found one... above her own agony to out-sing even the lark and the nightingale. The thorn bird traded...